Sound piece by Adam Denton

Ode to John Ledger

(Click on the link above to listen)

“I heard somewhere that on returning home to his one room abode, as soon
as Henry Darger had closed the door, he could often be overheard barking
out strange phrases and abuse. These reports came from neighbours who
may have stood around in the corridor listening to this outpouring as a form of
entertainment. The neighbours speculated that Henry was letting go of stored up
anger and frustration, built up during the day where he had conducted himself
with reputable good manners; maybe now he could have his say. Or what if
he knew they were listening at the door? Was he putting on a show? A private
performance made public; Henry more comfortable in his state of four wall
immunisation, and able to push it all out for an assembled public?
Perhaps many are returning home to find themselves in a state of barely
restrained rage, unable to express or name its cause or origin. Perhaps we let it
subside and get on with the evening; or wait for the next all consuming feeling of
distress, get drunk, fight a loved one, misdirect.
Anyway, I got home, opened my mail and my mouth, and kept going until I was
lying on the floor half naked. I was immunised within my walls, but you can’t
shake the feeling that someone may be listening in. I hope they were.”



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